Housing Opportunities

It’s always been a hive of activity for business and retail, and over the next five years, Salisbury City Centre will also become a prime aspirational residential address.

New housing is planned for a number of locations within the City Centre, providing a convenient, vibrant and aspirational housing option for people from the Salisbury community of all ages, backgrounds and budgets.

Master planning has already commenced with sites identified for a range of housing including detached, small lot medium density, town homes, apartments and mixed use development sites.

The City of Salisbury City Plan 2030 sets out a clear strategic direction for the revitalisation of the Salisbury City Centre, and the development of the Salisbury Oval precinct as an integrated recreation and residential precinct as a critical action.


The Neales Green allotment on Margaret Avenue has recently had its community land classification revoked to provide for residential development within the Salisbury Oval precinct. This creates an exciting opportunity to improve usability of the area as well as update existing surrounding sporting and recreation facilities - creating it a premier place to live.

The Salisbury City Centre ticks all the boxes for accessible public transport, close to employment, health, education, shops and open space.

The City of Salisbury will be looking to partner with a range of housing providers, developers and builders to deliver this new housing offer.

Further information on the opportunities for both land and housing purchase and development partnerships will be made available through this website commencing 2018.